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Feed Farm Mamil Phyt Plus Mastitis Injectores. To combat and prevent udder infections.

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Mamil Phyt Plus mastitis injectors homeopathically cure and prevent mastitis during lactation in cows.

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Mamil Phyt Plus

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 Mamil Phyt Plus 4 injectoren

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Feed Farm Mamil Phyt Plus Mastitis Injectors.

Homeopathic mastitis injectors. To combat and prevent udder infection in cattle.
Waiting time: none.

Mamil Phyt Plus belongs to the so-called complex remedies or compound homeopathic remedies. This means that several single homeopathic remedies are combined to combat a condition.

Mastitis can manifest itself in many ways. Due to the great diversity of symptoms and the various stages in the disease process, it is recommended to combine several homeopathic remedies to be successful in as many cases as possible. Homeopathy is largely an experiential medicine. This means that in the absence of characteristic symptoms, people often work with "tried" agents or indications. Years of experience know which agents are active in which disease states. Mamil Phyt Plus contains five important homeopathic remedies that have proven to be effective in the most common forms of udder inflammation.

Phytolacca C30 - Bryonia C30 - Conium C30 - Lachesis C30 - BelladonnaC30

The Bioveem – internal report entitled “Homeopathy in Cattle: an exploration of treatments, success factors and pattern recognition in the context of Bioveem” mentions Phytolacca, Bryonia, Lachesis and Conium as agents for mastitis. Co-author of this report, Mrs. Liesbeth Ellinger, has drawn up a STALL MAP in the same context. She mentions Phytolacca for a non-serious or starting inflammation. Bryonia when the cow is very sick stands still and lies on the sore side, Conium with starting E.coli when watery milk is visible. Phytolacca and Bryonia can optionally be used as a post-treatment. Good experiences have also been gained with Belladonna and Lachesis.

MAMIL PHYT PLUS Homeopathic veterinary medicinal product is exempt from registration and without an approved therapeutic indication.

Contains per 10 grams Active ingredients:
Phytolacca 30CH 100mg
Bryonia 30CH 100mg
Conium 30CH 100mg
Lachesis 30CH 100mg
Belladonna 30CH 100mg
Excipients Methyl hydroxybenzoate 9.5 mg

Phytolacca is the remedy for the swollen hard udder that can hardly be milked. The udder is painful and lumps can be felt in the udder tissue. The cow looks tired but is often restless, she has a slight fever.
Bryonia is given for udder inflammation that develops slowly, the udder is swollen and hard. The cow has little fever, but she lies as much as possible, preferably in the affected quarter.
Conium is a remedy for hard lumps in the udder, sometimes the result of bumps or a bruise.
Lachesis is associated with severe mastitis, sudden painful inflammation of the udder, blue-red discoloration of the udder and teats and shiny skin. The milk yield stops before the problems become visible. The cow is very sick and the milk is watery. Belladona, after all, is homeopathic aspirin. It reduces the fever, swelling and pain that occur with an udder infection.

Insert one injector per milking quarter. Repeat after a few hours if necessary. If no improvement occurs within a day, please consult your veterinarian. Milk the inflamed quarter well. Clean and disinfect teats and lock hole. Open the injector but do not touch the injector tip. Carefully insert the injector tip into the lock hole. Empty the injector and massage the substance upwards. Milk the udder regularly.

Meat and offal: zero days - Milk: zero days Store out of the reach and sight of children. Store below 25?C. Do not freeze.

PACKAGING box of 4 injectors and box of 48 injectors

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Feed Farm Mamil Phyt Plus Mastitis Injectores. To combat and prevent udder infections.

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