CAI-PAN® Sprizz White 5Ltr.

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Improves udder health with a fast, powerful and penetrating effect.

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CAI-PAN® Sprizz White 5Ltr.


  • intense nurturing effect around calving

  • natural ingredients (including essential oil, thyme, lavender, calendula)

  • contains purest quality Cai-Pan peppermint oil

  • especially when sighing

  • free of antibiotics

  • no waiting time

  • does not build up resistance

  • does not release residues in the milk

  • spray form

  • 2 color variants, white and blue (for longer visibility, food coloring)

  • natural product

In addition to Cai-Pan Japanese peppermint oil, the Cai Pan Sprizz blue contains thyme, lavender and calendula.
The product has no waiting time, and saves time because it does not have to be massaged in.
Cai Pan Sprizz makes udder tissue supple.

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CAI-PAN® Sprizz White 5Ltr.

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