Cai-pan Mint Spray.

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For the first symptoms of udder infection.

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Cai-Pan Mint Spray

  • 250ml.
  • 1Ltr. + €48,70
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Cai-pan Mint Spray 


With Cai-pan mint spray you can start treatment immediately at the first symptoms of udder inflammation.

Cai Pan Mint spray is a ready-to-use, antibiotic-free, spray for ease of use. Spray affected quarters 2 times a day after the first milk round, repeat for 3 to 4 days.
Cai Pan Mint spray has an anti-inflammatory effect
The basis of the Cai Pan Mint spray is pure organically grown Japanese peppermint oil that has an anti-inflammatory effect due to the cold effect.
The Mintspray can be easily applied to the udder by means of the spray bottle. The Mint Spray does not need to be massaged in.

  • Cai Pan Mint spray has an anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Mint spray is also allowed in organic dairy farming.

Spray the udder with Cai-Pan Mintspray twice a day after milking.


 Cai-Pan Mint spray 250ml.

€  19,25

 Cai-Pan Mint spray 1Ltr.

€  67,95

Active substances:
In addition to Japanese peppermint oil, the Cai-Pan Mintspray contains alcohol.
Due to the alcohol, the Mint Spray has a very strong cold effect, which promotes blood circulation and thus udder health.

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Cai-pan Mint Spray.

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