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Feed Farm Lacto Phyt Plus Injectoren. To prevent mastitis during the dry period.

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Feed Farm Lacto Phyt

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Feed Farm Lacto Phyt Plus Injectors.

To prevent mastitis during the dry period.

LACTO PHYT PLUS is a Homeopathic veterinary medicinal product exempt from registration requirements and without an approved therapeutic indication.

Lacto Phyt Plus are homeopathic drying injectors. It helps prevent inflammation during the dry period. Thanks to the addition of three effective ingredients in the form of a gel base, the injector has an excellent effect.

Homeopathic products have a low dose of active ingredients. These substances stimulate the body to take action. The use of different substances provides reinforcement and a total approach to the problem. The low dosage of active ingredients ensures that no residues end up in the meat and/or milk.


  • Suitable for: dairy cattle

  • Can be used for: cows entering the dry period

  • Function: prevent inflammation during the dry period

  • Gel-based

  • No waiting time

  • Dosage: 1 injector per teat

Sulfur is a well-known and widely used homeopathic remedy, widely praised for its cleansing and purifying effect on the body. It is a drainage agent through which dormant inflammations can be healed and toxins are excreted. Silicea is suitable for long-term chronic inflammatory processes. Silicea is typically the homeopathic remedy for the animal that eats a lot and yet remains thin. Phytolacca is one of the most commonly used remedies for moderate mastitis. The product also fits the image of the animal that must perform at a high level, in this case a high milk yield. The product supports recovery and prevents rapid exhaustion.

Preferably administer Lacto Phyt Plus at the beginning of the dry period. Milk the udder thoroughly and insert one injector per milking quarter. Clean and disinfect teats and teat hole. Open the injector but do not touch the injector tip. Carefully insert the injector tip into the lock hole and empty the injector. Massage the substance upwards. Dip or spray the teats. Let the cow stand quietly to allow the lock hole to close properly.

(Off)meat: zero days - Milk: zero days

Store out of the reach and sight of children.
Store below 25?C. Do not freeze.

Contains per 10 grams Active ingredients:
Sulfur 200K 167 mg
Silicea 200K 167 mg
Phytolacca 200K 167 mg
Excipients Methylhydroxybenzoate 9.5 mg

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Feed Farm Lacto Phyt Plus Injectoren. To prevent mastitis during the dry period.

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