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Super Codlivine Complete Supplement.

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The best-selling supplement for horses

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Super Codlivine the Complete Supplement

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Super Codlivine Complete Supplement 

A balanced, broad spectrum blend of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, together with cod liver oil to optimise health and well being. Based on the finest available grass meal to closely mimic the horse’s natural diet. Bursting with health and vitality to help improve coat and hoof condition. No other nutritional supplement will be required. Makes horses feel good on the inside and look good on the outside.

Super Codlivine's The Complete Supplement using fine grass meal as a base, this supplement effectively replicates the horse's natural feed. Developed to promote elevated vitality and sparkle, The Complete Supplement is an all-in-one direct route to glorious coat and hooves.

A.) foals and young horses, it contains all the vitamins and minerals important for the development of the young horse, PLUS the important amino acids lysine and methionine, which are often missing in the daily ration.
B.) Competition Horses. A horse that is under stress has an increased need for vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The natural cod liver oil adds polyunsaturated fatty acids to the ration, which ensure optimal digestion.
C.) Horses/ponies in a pasture that are not ridden every day or receive hard feed every day.


DOSAGE: (1 scoop = 35 grams).
Foals and young horses: 1 scoop per day.
Riding horses: 2 scoops per day.
Competition horses and breeding horses: 3 scoops per day.


 Super Codlivine Complete Supplement 3 kg. REFILLBAG 

€  34,95

 Super Codlivine Complete Supplement 2.5kg. TUB

€  34,95

 Super Codlivine Complete Supplement 15 kg. BAG

€  99,95

ANALYSIS per kg.:
Oil 16.5%, Protein 9.5%, Fiber 9%, Ash 29%.
Vitamin A 400,000ie, Vitamin D3 80,000ie, Vitamin E 800ie,
Vitamin B1 250mg, Vitamin B2 200mg, Vitamin B12 3,200mcg,
Niacin 500mg, Vitamin H (Biotin) 15mg, D-calcium pantothenate
200mg, Lysine 4,411mg, Methionine 1,402mg, Calcium 5%, Phosphorus
1.5%, Magnesium 0.7%, Salt 5.2%, Iodine 30mg, Selenium 6mg,
Cobalt 38mg, Manganese 1,540mg, Iron 7267mg, Copper 770mg,
Zinc 2,000mg.

Grass meal, wheat, Cod liver oil, calcium carbonate, di-calcium phosphate, sodium chloride, trace elements, magnesium oxide, vitamins, L-Lysine, Methionine, antioxidants E320 and E324, flavouring.

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Super Codlivine Complete Supplement.

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