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Castor Oil 100% PURE. 1st aid for colic. Castor oil to support the digestive system in animals.

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Castor Oil

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Volatile Castor Oil 100% PURE

Castor oil, castor oil or castor oil is a vegetable oil used for various home, garden and kitchen applications.
In Anglo-Saxon countries, castor oil is available under the name Castor oil.

Castor oil is made from the fruit of the miracle tree (Ricinus communis), the so-called miracle bean.
The castor bean does not belong to the legume family, Leguminosae, and in that sense the castor bean is not a "real" bean.
The oil is extracted by crushing and pressing the castor beans.

Castor oil is viscous and has a clear and colorless to amber or greenish appearance.
Castor oil is versatile and unique in its composition, retaining its fluidity at both high and low temperatures.
The oil consists of 90% unsaturated C: 18 ricinoleic fatty acid.
It is also an important source of sebacic acid.

Castor oil produces a laxative effect due to mild intestinal irritation and is very helpful at the first signs of colic.

Castor Oil and Wounds
If a horse's wound closes but then reopens on its own, the internal blood-purifying process probably hasn't cleared out all the toxins it was trying to remove.
Use castor oil as a drainage aid.
Mix the castor oil into a paste with some flour and apply as a compress.
Bandage the wound and let it sit for a day, repeat if necessary.
You can also dab the oil on the drain hole or spray it slightly into the drain inlet.
Apply once a day.

Castor oil will remove anything close to the surface, but not the blood itself.
To help purify your horse's blood and internal system, soak fresh cloves of garlic in molasses and feed the mix to your horse.
You may also need to take a blood cleanser to clear the infection from the wound.
Using castor oil, garlic molasses and rosehip tea will boost your horse's immune system and help it remove toxins from its body that cause infections and inflammation.


Castor oil can be sprayed into the mouth with a syringe or mixed with food.
Horses 250ml to 500ml .
Cattle 375ml . up to 750ml.
Calves 50ml . up to 100ml.
Sheep 50ml . up to 100ml.
Pigs 50ml . up to 100ml.
Dogs: 5-25 ml
Foals : 25-50 ml.

Castor, or castor oil, has been used for centuries. For example, it was already used by the Egyptians, about 4000 years before Christ. We know this because it has been found in several tombs. But the ancient Greeks also seem to know castor oil. It had many uses, including medicinal ones, but today we use the castor oil for fuller, firmer hair and smooth skin. It is used pure, or in combination with other natural oils.
Because castor oil (castor oil) has a cleansing and caring effect, the castor oil is often used for dry skin. It also frees the pores from bacteria, making the skin look cool. Castor oil supports the restorative capacity of the skin. Because your molecules have a small mass, the oil can easily penetrate the deeper skin layers.
Castor oil contains essential Omega 9 fatty acids. This makes brittle or dry hair look healthy and shine again.

- Does not contain dyes, artificial fragrances and has not been tested on animals.

Ricinus Communis castor seed oil

Apply a generous amount of oil to the skin, massage it in carefully.

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Castor Oil 100% PURE. 1st aid for colic. Castor oil to support the digestive system in animals.

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