NAF Molasses 5Ltr. Very tasty nutritional supplement for energy and general health.

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NAF Molasses, for loss of appetite, illness and substance suppressant.

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NAF Molasses 5Ltr.

Premium grade, un-sulphured blend. Loss of appetite may be brought on by a variety of reasons environmental change, illness or simply that the horse has become bored with the food offered. Varying the taste of the food occasionally is good practice, and molasses is the traditional choice for taste. NAF Molasses is an easy pour blend that can be simply added to feed to enhance palatability. Molasses also act as a natural dust suppressant in feed.

Molasses is rich in iron and sulfur and is therefore a good, simple blood cleanser. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and helps against insects, so the combination of these 2 is an excellent supplement for horses.
You can make this yourself with 5 liter can of molasses and 5-19 bulbs of garlic.
Break off the garlic cloves, but do not peel them, place them in a plastic bag and crush them with a hammer or boot heel.
Place this in the can, shake this mixture daily, and the molasses will become stronger each day as it will absorb the oil from the garlic.
After preparing the first can, you can start using it immediately, so that your horse can get used to the smell and taste.
When you have used 3/4 of this can, make the next one, by the time you finish the first the second will be at full strength.

Because of its sticky appearance, molasses reduces the powdery consistency of some finely ground feeds. Thus, molasses makes the feed mixture more palatable for livestock.
Add molasses to compensate for the absence of sugar and trace elements and to allow fermentation in the case of low quality forages that contain low sugar levels.


Cattle and dairy breeds:
Increases milk solids production.
Improves milk letdown.
Promotes the health of the animal.
Dilute proteins in spring.
Improves fiber digestion.
Helps reduce heat stress.
Helps with the growth and development of young livestock.
Increases nutrient density when appetite is reduced before calving.
Provides a source of sugar during early pasture growth.
Contributes to pregnancy rates (focuses birthing periods).

Reduces dust in food.
Reduces the ability of some horses to sort their food.

Goats and sheep:
Prevents pregnancy toxemia (acetosis).

Feed 1-3 tablespoons (15-45 ml) per day.

Sugar cane molasses
Analytical Constituents
Total sugars (as sucrose)    35.3%

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NAF Molasses 5Ltr. Very tasty nutritional supplement for energy and general health.

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