Amos Udder cream

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For the care of the skin in humans and animals, antibacterial.

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Amos udder cream

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Amos Udder Cream.

Amos Udder Cream softens and protects the chapped and rough skin against the harmful influences of wind, rain, cold and sun. Regular use promotes efficacy.
Contains Allantoin and has an anti-bacterial effect.

Udder cream is very suitable for the treatment of cracks and rough skin. In addition, this cream makes the skin extra supple. Udder cream is composed on the basis of a non-greasy cream which has the property of penetrating deeply into the skin. Also suitable for the udders. If a little udder cream is applied to the teats, they remain supple and soft.

  • Amos udder cream

  • Nourishing non-greasy cream

  • To promote the recovery of chapped teats and skin.


     Amos Udder cream 250gr.

    €  4,89

     Amos Udder cream 12x 250gr. 

    €  4,49

     Amos Udder cream 900gr.

    €  8,95

     Amos Udder cream 24x 900gr.

    €  8,49

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Amos Udder cream

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