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NAF Easy Breathing.

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Popular herbal mix for the respiratory system.

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NAF Easy Breathing

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NAF Easy Breathing 

Easy Breathing contains herbs specific to the respiratory system.
It is a popular herbal mix that horses like to eat, it is very suitable for horses with chronic breathing difficulties, coughing horses, and horses with a cold.


EASY BREATHING contains garlic as a support, capsicum as a mucus remover, anise as an expectorant, and marshmallow that creates a protective layer over the membranes and thus strengthens the lungs.

Easy Breathing contains herbs of the highest quality to support the natural resistance and overall condition of the respiratory tract. The herbs are dried and not further processed or ground into powder, so you can be sure that you are giving the complete herbs, with all their specific and important substances in the original ratio.

Due to the combination of the specific herbs, this herbal mixture is very effective for long-term use in horses to support the respiratory system.

Easy Breathing is fragrant and very palatable, making it generally easy for horses to eat. Easy Breathing can safely be given for a longer period of time. It is available as a dried herbal mixture and as a liquid herbal drink, the compositions of which differ slightly.

Horses & Ponies:
High dose (7-10 days)*: 50 grams per day
Maintenance dose: 25-37 grams per day


*If necessary, the high dose can be maintained for a longer period of time.
One measuring scoop of 60 ml contains approximately 12.5 grams.

Feeding herbs produces an ever-increasing effect; for best results, give Easy Breathing daily for an extended period of time.
The maintenance dose can be adjusted independently of the weight to the individual needs of the horse or pony.


Easy Breathing can safely be given to pregnant mares and foals.


 NAF Easy Breathing 1kg.

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 NAF Easy Breathing 3kg.

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Storage advice
Store closed in a cool, dry place at room temperature.


Aniseed, Marshmallow leaves, Nettle, Garlic (dried), Barberry, Gingko leaves, Rapeseed oil, Ginger.


Protein 15.2%, Ash 8.10%, Fiber 20.6%, Oil 1.1%, Moisture 10.4%.

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NAF Easy Breathing.

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