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Primeval Gelatinaat HORSE.

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Primeval Gelatinaat HORSE

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Primeval Gelatinaat HORSE

PrimeVal Gelatinaat® is a supplement to promote the health of your horse's joints. After all, you want your horse to be able to move smoothly. The ingredients can promote the lubrication of joints in your horse, support the cartilage and make a positive contribution to pain complaints. In addition, PrimeVal Gelatinaat® contributes to healthy bones, ligaments and tendons of your horse and keeps the hooves strong and healthy.

Briefly about PrimeVal Gelatinaat®
• Positive influence on flexibility of the joints
• Makes a positive contribution to pain complaints
• Also for good coat and hoof quality
• Very high absorbability in the body
• Very tasty (vanilla flavour)
• Doping-free

When suitable?
PrimeVal Gelatinaat® Horse is suitable for horses with a need for extra support for the joints and mobility, such as:
• Sport horses
• Older horses
• For horses to support injuries to tendons, ligaments or joints
• Horses with a reduced coat and/or hoof quality
• broodmares
• Pregnant mares (at least the last three months of gestation)
• Horses in growth (foals, enters and two-year-olds)
• Studs

The ingredients and the effect:
The naming of PrimeVal Gelatinaat® is a combination of gelatin and hydrolyzate. The gelatin consists of the following components:
• Collagen type I: as building material for tissues and joints. Collagen type I also stimulates the body's production of cartilage components (proteoglycans, collagen).
• Collagen type II: reduces the breakdown of collagen in the cartilage and can make a positive contribution to pain complaints.
• Minerals: for strong bones and good bone formation.


Horses with bodyweight 450kg+ mix one measuring spoon of 22.5 grams with the feed (chunk, carrots or mash) twice a day.

– For horses and ponies up to 450 kg:
once a day, one measuring spoon of 22.5 grams.

To support injuries to tendons, ligaments or joints, a doubling of the indicated dose is recommended, or consult your veterinarian.

Dilute with water or oil.


 Primeval Gelatinaat HORSE 2kg.

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 Primeval Gelatinaat HORSE 5kg.

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Primeval Gelatinaat HORSE.

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