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Hilton Herbs Nav X Gold.

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Hilton Herbs Nav X Gold, for a healthy circulatory system and effective blood flow to the extremities and the laminae

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Hilton Herbs Nav X Gold

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Hilton Herbs Nav X Gold.

Nav X Gold for horses, ponies and donkeys is formulated to maintain and support:

  • a healthy circulatory system

  • increased blood flow to the extremities

  • increased blood flow to the laminae

  • the removal of toxins

  • those prone to laminitis

.Nav X Gold is a fast absorbing liquid supplement containing herbs such as hawthorn and prickly ash bark and has proved effective for the maintenance of a healthy and efficient circulatory system.  It can be used in conjunction with our Releaf Gold for additional mobility support.

Up to 1.28 meters : 5 ml twice daily (10 ml)
1.28 m. to 1.48 m height : 10 ml twice daily (20 ml)
1.48 m. to 1.58 m. height : 12.5 ml twice daily (25 ml)
1.58 m to 1.68 m. height : 15 ml twice daily (30 ml)
Larger than 1.68 meters : 15 ml - 20 ml twice daily ((30-40 ml)
If possible, divide the required amount into two meals.


1:3 Tinctures of:

Prickly Ash bark

Bilberry fruit

Chamomile flowers

Nettle leaf

Hawthorn berries

Celery seed

Burdock root

 Apple Cider Vinegar

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Hilton Herbs Nav X Gold.

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