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Ainsworths Bach Recovery Remedy Plus Spray 21ml.

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Ainsworths Bach Recovery Remedy Plus Spray 21ml.

A flower essence remedy to help:

  • In crisis situations

  • Calm and relax

  • The 5 essence combination PLUS 3 additional remedies 

*Alcohol free*

Recovery Plus Emergency Spray is an effective combination of essences to be used in times of crisis. This unique product has been specially formulated for times of crisis and extreme fear.  It is invaluable for those emergency situations to help calm and relax the mind and support the start of recovery. This product does not contain alcohol and can be used for both people and animals alike.

Dr Edward Bach’s Flower Essences are essences that try to change negative emotions or patterns of behaviour into positive ones . Ahead of his time, Dr Bach understood the connection between the emotional and physical state and the essences became his life work.  There are 38 individual essences and a Recovery Remedy combining several essences given for shock or trauma.  Each essence comes in a bottle with a dropper top.  A single Bach flower can be chosen, but it is preferable to choose several (up to five) that reflect different emotional states of the animal. Each essence has an indication for use and a positive outcome.  Dr Bach stressed the importance of taking these “vibrational” essences in water : shaking before each use.  

Note: animals very easily pick up on our emotions and act accordingly. Always try to consider why an animal is behaving like it is and ask yourself if your behaviour is having an effect.


  • Spray directly onto the tongue 

  • Spray on your hand and rub into the gums or skin 

  • Spray into the environment 

  • In crisis situations give every 20 minutes

Recovery Plus Emergency Spray 21ml

Organic flower essences of:


Cherry Plum




Rock Rose

Star of Bethlehem

White Chestnut



Grapefruit seed extract

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Ainsworths Bach Recovery Remedy Plus Spray 21ml.

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