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Animal Health Company No Bute Original.

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Natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory for horses and dogs.

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No Bute

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Animal Health Company No Bute.

No Bute is one of the most popular joint & mobility supplements on the market. It contains Devil's Claw, which has been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties; it can be effective at relieving joint pain, osteoarthritis & even pain from laminitis.

It is important to note that Devil’s Claw contains Harpagophytum/Harpagoside and should not be fed to horses racing or competing.

No Bute the original horse supplement is suitable for short term or long term use. It does not contain Phenylbutazone.

It has been developed to help maintain healthy joints and connective tissue.

No bute has developed by one of the leaders in herbal equine supplements- with No Bute being based on the main ingredient Devils Claw. 

NO BUTE from Animal Health Company, the one and only and nowhere cheaper!

Devil's claw grows in South & South East Africa, but mainly in the Kalahari Desert and Namibia.

The name Devil's Claw comes from the seed holder which is shaped like a claw and the size of a hand.
The Devil's Claw is very hard and can cause nasty wounds to livestock or people who accidentally step on it.
The therapeutic benefits of Devil's Claw have been known for centuries, but it was only between 1918 and 1920 that the precise method used by the Namibians to obtain their tea was explored.

Devil's Claw contains a number of active substances that have an enormous anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect in joint or muscle complaints.
The effect can be compared with the commonly used drugs phenylbutazone  (Bute) and cortisones, both of which fall under the doping rules.
No Bute is based on liquid Devil's Claw, can be safely used as an alternative to Phenylbutazone in horses that are lame or irregular and can be used preventively in horses with muscle problems or serious leg defects (such as navicular, osteoarthritis & arthritis).
No Bute can also provide additional relief for dogs with bone or joint problems (such as H.D.).

The production of No Bute uses the unique extraction process developed by The Animal Health Co. Ltd.
No Bute is 'PURE NATURE' and contains no alcohol, preservatives or dyes.

Feeding Instructions

Ponies under 14.2hh- Give up to 20ml daily

Horses over 14.2hh- Give up to 40ml daily

Dogs 1 ml. per kg. bodyweight with a miximum of 25ml. per day.

Devil's Claw is now a Controlled Medication under FEI rules, so it's not suitable for regular use in competing horses.

Do not give to pregnant mares.

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Animal Health Company No Bute Original.

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