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FRONTPRO Chewable Tablets Dog

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Boehringer Ingelheim Frontpro

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Boehringer Ingelheim Frontpro 3 tablets

Frontpro is a veterinary medicine used to treat infestations with fleas and ticks, as well as demodectic and sarcoptic mange (skin infestations caused by two different types of mites) in dogs. It may be used as part of the management of flea allergy dermatitis (an allergic reaction to flea bites).

Frontpro contains the active substance afoxolaner. This medicine is the same as NexGard, which is already authorised in the European Union (EU). 

The active substance in Frontpro, afoxolaner, acts as an ‘ectoparasiticide’. This means that it kills parasites that live on or in the skin or in the fur of animals, such as fleas, ticks and mites. In order for the active substance to have an effect, fleas and ticks must attach to the skin and start feeding on the dog’s blood.

Afoxolaner kills parasites by causing over-stimulation of their nervous system. It blocks the normal movement of charged chloride particles (ions) in and out of nerve cells, especially those nerves that produce the substance gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) to regulate the nervous system. This results in uncontrolled activity of the nervous system and the paralysis and death of fleas, ticks and mites. Afoxolaner kills fleas before they can lay eggs and so helps to reduce contamination of the dogs’ environment.

Frontpro is available as chewable tablets in four different strengths for use in dogs of different weights. The appropriate strength of tablets to be given is determined based on the dog’s bodyweight.

Frontpro kills fleas within 8 hours and ticks within 48 hours. After being given, its actions last for at least 4 weeks against fleas and up to one month against ticks. Treatment should be repeated at monthly intervals during the flea or tick seasons, monthly for demodectic mange until the mange is successfully treated (as confirmed by two negative skin scrapings one month apart) and monthly for two months for sarcoptic mange, or longer if treatment is unsuccessful as indicated by clinical signs and skin scrapings.

FRONTPRO is an easy way to protect your dog against fleas and ticks.
This tasty chewable tablet works quickly and effectively against fleas and ticks and protects for no less than 30 days. Easy to give with or without food.

FRONTPRO is a flea and tick product for dogs. This tasty chewable tablet protects your dog for no less than 30 days. In addition, the fleas are killed before they can lay eggs. In this way, the tablet also protects against further flea infestation. FRONTPRO works from the inside out and is easy to give with or without food. After giving you can immediately cuddle with your dog!

  • Flea and tick chewable tablet for dogs

  • Effective protection for 30 days

  • Kills fleas within 8 hours before they can lay eggs

  • Kills ticks within 48 hours

  • Also effective against demodex and scabies

  • Easy to give, with or without food

  • Suitable from 8 weeks and 2 kg body weight

Administration & Dosage:
You can give the FRONTPRO chewable tablets to your dog, through the mouth. If your dog does not want to eat the tablet out of hand, you can give it with some food.


Weight of the dog  

Optimal dosage

Dogs 2- 4 kg

1 chewable tablet FRONTPRO S

Dogs >4 - 10 kg

1 chewable tablet FRONTPRO M

Dogs >10 - 25 kg

1 .chewable tablet FRONTPRO L

Dogs >25 - 50 kg

1 chewable tablet FRONTPRO XL

Use an appropriate combination of chewable tablets of different/same strength for dogs over 50 kg body weight. The tablets should not be divided.

Not for use with
Hypersensitivity to the active substances or to any of the excipients
Puppies younger than 8 weeks and animals under 2 kg
Do not use in cats.

3 chewable tablets and therefore 3 months of protection in 1 box.

Active ingredient


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FRONTPRO Chewable Tablets Dog

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