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cdVet ZeckeX Herbal.

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Has a deterrent effect on ticks and other pests.

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cdVet ZeckEx Herbal

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cdVet ZeckeX Herbal.


Do you know that?
Some dogs are hardly bothered by ticks and Co., and other dogs are really chased by the vermin.
Often we humans also notice the difference.
The "tick collectors" may have a distinctive odor. This is often due to malnutrition related skin metabolism disorder. Skin and fur have very important functions. They serve as a barrier against external influences such as heat, cold and other environmental stimuli.


ZeckEx Herbal  has been specially developed for this nutritional situation. The combination of herbs and brewer's yeast - especially the variety of natural B vitamins - support diet-related skin metabolism and thus contribute to a positive development of the skin environment and fragrance. This works as a repellent for ticks and other pests.

Small dogs 1 - 2 grams per day
Medium dogs 2 - 4 grams per day
Large dogs 4 - 6 grams per day
1 measuring spoon is equal to about 1 g
The feeding amount can be doubled in case of a lot of drawing pressure.
The food should be fed throughout the tick season.


Not suitable for pregnant bitches.
Expert Tip: Of course, ZeckEx Herbs can be combined with cdVet biocides, such as
ZeckEx SpotOn and ZeckEx Spray.


 cdVet ZeckEx Herbal 100gr.

€   14,49

 cdVet ZeckEx Herbal 250gr.

€   24,49

 cdVet ZeckEx Herbal 750gr.

€   62,50

 cdVet ZeckEx Herbal 1.8kg.

€ 142,50

Composition: brewer's yeast, grated coconut, parsley, black cumin seed

Analytical components and contents: crude protein 23.2%, crude fiber 4.8%, crude fat 27.3%, crude ash 6.5%

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cdVet ZeckeX Herbal.

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