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L-Mesitran Soft Wound Gel. Gel based on medicinal honey.

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L-Mesitran Soft

L-Mesitran Soft consists of an effective combination of 40% medicinal honey, hypoallergenic lanolin, proplene glycol, PEG4000 and vitamins C and E. An important advantage of these honey products is the combination of properties, which are not found in other ointments and wound dressings.

L-Mesitran offers a natural breakthrough in wound care.
The Ointment will debride deep or superficial wounds and reduce bacterial colonization.
A thin layer is already sufficient for an optimal effect.
The Ointment will not stick to the wound.
All L-Mesitran wound care products are based on honey, a natural ingredient that heals wounds quickly and efficiently.


Antibacterial effect:
L-Mesitran wound gel is active against a range of bacteria and fungi, such as Staphylococci, E. coli, Streptococci, antibiotic-resistant bacteria MRSA and VRE, Candida albicans and other fungi and yeasts. In addition, the wound gel captures free oxygen radicals, which hinder optimal healing;

Anti-inflammatory effect:
Research shows reduced inflammation, reduced edema, decreasing fluid secretion and a calming effect in the wound and skin. An example of this is the immediately decreasing blistering in 2nd degree burns and thereby a decrease in pain and pressure of the wound fluid;

Stimulation of tissue growth:
Honey promotes the formation of pure and healthy granulation tissue and optimizes epithelialization. The low pH value (3 to 4) also ensures that more oxygen is released. In addition, the amino acids, vitamins and easily absorbable sugars have a positive influence on wound healing;

Odor neutralizing effect:
The unpleasant wound odor is caused by waste products that bacteria produce. Due to the fast antibacterial effect of L-Mesitran, the number of waste products decreases and the odor disappears.


Safe use without side effects:
There are no known side effects, no contraindications, no restrictions on the use of the wound gel. No allergic reactions or delay in wound healing. Safe, reliable and extensively researched. Can also be used as a preventive antibacterial agent;

Certainty about effectiveness:
Numerous studies have shown its effectiveness. The speed of the antibacterial effect and healing is also important;

Good and easy to dose:
Very little of the wound gel is needed for effective treatment. A thin layer is sufficient. A dressing change once a day or once every two days is sufficient. L-Mesitran Soft Wound Gel can be applied in a 'wound-filling' amount and covered with a wound dressing or plaster;

Can be combined with all wound dressings:
L-Mesitran wound gel can be combined well with all wound dressings, such as gauze or non-woven compresses, wound plasters, foam dressings and alginates and therefore fits easily into any wound protocol.

- Superficial and acute wounds, for example abrasions and cuts and donor sites of skin grafts
- Burns, 1st and 2nd degree
- Chronic wounds e.g. pressure ulcers, venous, arterial and diabetic ulcers
- Oncological wounds (helps deodorize and debride)
- Colonized acute and (postoperative) surgical wounds

48% medicinal honey, hypoallergenic lanolin, sunflower oil, cod liver oil, Calendula officinalis, Aloe barbadensis, vitamins C and E and zinc oxide

A thin layer is already sufficient for an optimal effect.
A dressing change once a day or every two days is enough

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L-Mesitran Soft Wound Gel. Gel based on medicinal honey.

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