Hilton Herbs Phytobalm.

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With Propolis! Soothing, healing, anti-fungal & anti-bacterial balm.

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Hilton Herbs Phytobalm

  • 100gr.
  • 130gr. + €3,75
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Hilton Herbs Phytobalm

  • Our customers call it our "magic" cream

  • Can be used on any animal

  • Made using a Shea butter base with added herbal tinctures


  • is a soothing cream for minor wounds and skin irritations

  • has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties

  • encourages healthy hair re-growth

  • can be used on dogs and cats

Phytobalm can be used on many animals and it is often called our "magic cream" by customers.  It comes in a shea butter base with herbal tinctures and oils including calendula and hypericum.  It is ideal to use on clean minor wounds, cuts or abrasions.

Phytobalm is suitable for every animal, easy to use and is quickly absorbed by the skin.
It is completely safe, even if it is licked.


Hilton Herbs Phytobalm 100gr.

€  15,00

Hilton Herbs Phytobalm 130gr.

€  18,75


Shea Butter

Calendula decoction + infused oil

Hypericum decoction + infused oil

Myrrh (Commiphora molmol) essential oil

Propolis tinture & infused oil

Wheatgerm oil


Tea tree essential oil

Myrrh essential oil

Phytobalm contains only natural preservatives and does not contain any parabens petrolium based preservative.

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Hilton Herbs Phytobalm.

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