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Tectonik Pour-On.

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 Insecticide pour-on for topical use in cattle.

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Tectonik Pour-On

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  • Dosing gun
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 Tectonik Pour-On 2.5Ltr.

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 Tectonik Pour-On 2.5ltr. 4x € 195,00 (€ 780,00)

 Tectonik Gun

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Tectonik Pour-On.

Tectonik is a registered (Biocide Regulation) insecticide pour-on solution (14067N) for external use in cattle. The active ingredient of Tectonik is Permethrin (3.6 grams).

Permethrin is active against many crawling and flying insects (flies, wasps, midges).

Only use is permitted as a means to control flies and midges (Culicoides) on cattle in the period April to October. Do not use in the vicinity of surface water but, for example, inside stables. Follow the instructions for use to avoid danger to people and the environment.

External local use. Apply the total dose to the backline, from the neck to the base of the tail. Always apply about a quarter of the dose to the neck.
Treat all animals in a herd at the same time.

Do not use near surface water, but preferably inside stables. After treatment with Tectonik pour-on, do not let the cattle go directly into the sun.
If necessary, repeat treatment after 7 weeks.

In view of the Schmallenberg virus, a lot of attention will be paid to combating the midge in the coming season. In a German study it has been proven that the active ingredient permethrin offers good protection against the midge.

- Effective control on the animal
- Ready-to-use pour-on against flies and lice in cattle
- Long duration of action: 7 - 11 weeks

Dosing gun to administer the Tectonic pour-on solution to cattle.
Simple and accurate dosing
Made of durable plastic
Only suitable for Tectonik pour-on solution

Use biocides safely. Before use, read the label and product information.

10 ml per 100 kg body weight with a maximum of 25 ml per bovine. Repeat treatment after 7-11 weeks.
0 – 100 kg 1 – 10 ml (1 ml per 10 kg)
100 – 200 kg 10 – 20 ml (1 ml per 10 kg)
200 – 250 kg 20 – 25 ml (1 ml per 10 kg)
> 250 kg Maximum 25 ml per cattle
Waiting period:
Meat: 3 days
Milk: none


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Tectonik Pour-On.

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