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Biopect is the most effective solution against calf diarrhea.

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Biopect all-natural anti-scour prebiotic for calves, lambs, goat kids, foals and piglets

Biopect is a complementary prebiotic feed providing a source of plant fibres, easily digestible energy and electrolytes to help support hydration in all ruminant species.

Feed Biopect to young animals experiencing digestive disturbances, like nutritional scours or mild diarrhoea.

Biopect can also be used proactively in periods where the animal is exposed to stress such as:

  • transportation

  • change in diet

  • adverse weather conditions

  • dirty housing.

The composition of Biopect optimises and strengthens bacterial flora in the gut, providing an energy boost and helping the animal to recover quickly.

  • For maintaining gut health in calves, lambs, kids, foals and piglets

  • Contains plant fibres, glucose and electrolytes

  • Non-medicated*

  • No need to remove milk or milk replacer from diet during treatment

  • Available in 2.5kg, 5kg and 25kg

* (does not contain antibiotics), no withholding period.

How does Biopect work?

  • The pectin present in Biopect helps lubricate the gut, protect the villi, and bind liquids in the intestine.

  • The plant fibres in Biopect have a prebiotic effect, helping to support the growth and proliferation of desirable bacteria in the intestine.

  • Plant fibres help to stabilise digestion over periods of diarrhoea or digestive disturbance.

  • Glucose provides a source of readily digestible energy, encouraging uptake of essential electrolytes.

  • Biopect provides electrolytes (essential mineral salts) to help support hydration.

Biopect treatment schedules

Add Biopect to milk, milk replacer or water at the following rates:

  • Calves 25g/day

  • Lambs 5g/day

  • Kids 5g/day

For piglets, top dress feed with 10g Biopect per animal.

Where there is a high risk of digestive disturbance, dose rate can be doubled.


 Biopect 500gr.

€  16,95

 Biopect 2.5kg.

€  54,75

 Biopect 4x 2.5kg.  

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 Biopect 8x 2.5kg.

€   52,05

 Biopect 5kg.

€  108,95

 Biopect 12x 5kg.

€  106,20


Contact your veterinarian for advice if stock (calves, lambs, kids or piglets) have infectious scours, i.e. temperature of 39.5°C, or if scours are severe and/or diarrhoea persists.

Biopect is not recognised as an organic product.

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