Rose hips GROUND. High in Vitamin C. for the hooves and removal of waste.

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Rose hips GROUND

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Rose hips Ground

Ripe, dried rose hip fruit.

Contains a high content of vitamin C and biotin and is therefore good for the support of the hooves and the removal of waste.

Rose hips of Rosa Canina, or dog rose, so named because it was once believed that this plant could heal the bite of a mad dog.
Rose hips are an important source of vitamins B3, C, E and K.
They are still made into teas, syrups and fruit drinks.
Rose hip has a stimulating, strengthening and slightly laxative effect, the high vitamin C content has a good effect against infections such as colds and stomach and intestinal problems.
Rose hip also has a high content of natural biotin, which makes it very suitable for mild hoof problems.
It is claimed that feeding rose hips to horses with a metabolic disease, such as laminitis, has a supportive effect.

Rose hips are small red bombs of vital substances. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and other herbal ingredients. Because of their high vitamin C content, they are often used to support the immune system. The rose hip fruits can also be of great service for joint problems. The galactolipids are responsible for this.

The rose hip - a popular local fruit
The rose hip is an ancient native plant that shapes our landscape. The rose hip bush can reach heights of up to three meters in good conditions. The rose hip thrives on the edges of forests and in bushes and prefers sunny or partially shaded locations. In June it forms white to pink flowers from which the rose hip fruits develop in late autumn. Humans have been using the striking red fruits for medicinal purposes for many centuries. The healthy fruit is also often served as tea or jam. Rose hips are also very popular with horses. If rose hip bushes are within reach of the horses, they will happily nibble on the delicious fruits straight from the bush.

The rose hip supports the horse's defenses
Rose hips contain valuable vitamins and trace elements as well as other herbal ingredients. Fresh rose hips contain around 400 to 500 mg of vitamin C per 100 g, which is around 10 times the content in a lemon. Vitamin E and another plant substance, lycopene, are antioxidants that can render harmful molecules in the body harmless. In this way, they can protect cells from free radical damage. Especially in the vitamin-poor winter time, rose hips are a healthy treat for the horse.

Rose hips - also for the joints of horses
Rose hips have long been known for their high levels of vitamins and trace elements. What is relatively new is the knowledge that rose hips can also be very helpful with joint problems. The so-called galactolipids, which are mainly found in the skin of the rose hip, are responsible for this. These complex compounds intervene in the inflammatory process and can thus contain inflammatory processes. The effectiveness of these substances has been proven in various studies. Especially in the case of degenerative joint diseases, such as osteoarthritis, the galactolipids from the rose hips can have a positive effect on the course and keep the joints flexible.

Rose hips for the horse - the right dosage
Horses can easily eat rose hips out of their hands. The delicious rose hip fruits are also very suitable as healthy treats, also very good as a treat substitute for horses that tend to be overweight or are to be fed low-starch.

ponies 2 scoops ± 15gr., horses 3 scoops ± 20gr. per day.

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Rose hips GROUND. High in Vitamin C. for the hooves and removal of waste.

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