Ivomec 1% Injection.

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Against parasites in non-lactating cattle, sheep and pigs.

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Ivomec 1%

  • 50ml.
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Ivomec 1% injectie

To combat internal parasites such as stomach and intestinal worms, roundworms and lungworms as well as external parasites such as lice, scabies mites, ticks and bovine hornets in non-lactating sheep, non-lactating cattle and pigs.

Waiting time for non-lactating sheep 63 days.
Milk waiting time: N/A
Meat withdrawal time: 25-63 days.

Active ingredient: ivermectin 10mg/ml.

Dosage: subcutaneous
Beef and sheep: 1ml per 50kg
pig: 1ml per 33kg


 Ivomec 1% 50ml.

€   44,95

 Ivomec 1% 200ml.

€ 139,95

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Ivomec 1% Injection.

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