Verm-X LIQUID Horses. Natural dewormer for horses.

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Verm-X LIQUID for horses

  • 250ml.
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Verm-X LIQUID for horses.

  • 25ml. per day for 3 consecutive days.

  • Repeat monthly

  • Safe for pregnant and lactating mares and foals from 6 months.

  • Foals half dose.

VERM-X is a natural solution to remove internal parasites through herbs.
VERM-X contains cinnamon, peppermint, thyme, cleavers and cayenne pepper, kassie tree and garlic.
In developing the formula of VERM-X, all the properties of each herb have been extensively researched.
The herbs chosen are all based on their historical use in humans and animals.

Trudy Norris, President of the Association of Medical Herbalists, developed VERM-X.
The herbs were chosen because they remove internal parasites, but also cleanse the blood, improving overall health.
The formula also supports the digestive system, which has a direct impact on the horse's health, well-being and performance.
All herbs in VERM-X are combinable, work together and complement each other.

VERM-X has been developed to be used on its own, but can also be alternated with chemical wormers.
The herbs contained in Verm-X® are carefully mixed so that they react synergistically with each other.
That is, the two or more interacting or combined herbs together have a greater effect than the sum of the effects each of the herbs could produce alone.
Independent tests have proven that the herbal mixture works (i.e. tames internal parasites).
There are also reports of horse owners saying that their horse looks 'extremely good' from being fed Verm-X®.

Holistic vet Nick Thompson (BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS) gives his view on the natural power of herbs:
"Having an effective herbal product capable of controlling internal parasites, improving gut condition and promoting health is a revelation to me...
It's reassuring to know that there is a health product one can rely on to provide protection without harming ourselves, our animals or our planet..."

Add 25ml per day three days in a row, once a month throughout the year, to the drinking water or feed of the horse.
Each bottle comes with a handy dosing cup.
Small ponies under 1.22 mtr. you may give half a dose, a full dose is not harmful, but you just save money.
It is preferable not to use VERM-X in pregnant mares, certain herbs can have a negative effect on pregnancy if they are fed in larger quantities.
VERM-X is 100% natural and non-toxic, it does not upset the intestinal flora, and contains no banned substances.
Horses cannot become immune to the use of VERM-X.
When adding Verm-X ​​liquid to the drinking water, make sure that all the water is also drunk.
When you first use Verm-X, or when needed, a double dose can be safely given over three days.
Measuring cup is included.


 Verm-X LIQUID Horses 250ml.  

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 Verm-X LIQUID Horses 500ml.

€  32.95

 Verm-X LIQUID Horses 1 ltr.

€  61,75

Verm-X ​​is not a veterinary medicinal product, the Verm-X ​​formula has been developed using 11 medicinal, all natural, herbs which can help control internal parasites within a holistic management.
Verm-X ​​emphasizes the prevention of parasite infestation by reflecting the basics of natural feeding and self-medication.
Our domesticated animals do not have the opportunity to choose their own food and thus to self-medicate.
With optimal holistic management, Verm-X ​​can be used alone, but Verm-X ​​can also be used in combination with other - chemical - products.

* Verm-X ​​® is ideal for horse owners who like to work with natural
* Verm-X® works friendly for horses with, for example, tail and male eczema.
* Verm-X® is ideal for horses on organic farms.
* Verm-X® is widely used for horses in top sport because the herbs work friendly within the digestive system.
* Verm-X® can be integrated into the normal worm scheme, or used alone.
* Verm-X® has no known resistance.
* Verm-X® contains no chemicals.
* Verm-X® leaves no harmful substances in the soil.
* Verm-X® uses 100% reusable packaging.
* Verm-X® supports organic prescriptions.
* Verm-X® has already won 2 awards from the UK Government.
* Verm-X® is 100% natural.
* Verm-X® is recommended by "The Veteran Horse Society" for older horses.

VERM-X the industry leader in natural wormers has been awarded the "Ethical Award" label, following a rigorous analysis by an independent institute.

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Verm-X LIQUID Horses. Natural dewormer for horses.

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