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Anti-bite Dipple's Oil PBH spray 500ml.

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PBH-Kadex Spray works to prevent feather pecking in poultry and tail and mane biting in pigs and horses

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Anti-bite Dipple's Oil PBH spray 500ml. 

Anti-Bite PBH spray is a product based on animal oils (Dippel's Oil*).
Anti-Bite PBH spray has a very unpleasant taste & smell, and is very suitable for use with foals and (young) horses that eat tails.
You can also spray it on all objects that horses gnaw on undesirably.
Anti-Bite PBH spray is non-toxic.
Anti-Bite PBH spray is also suitable for use against insects, please note that this can cause black spots on white and grey horses.
The distinctive, repellent smell of Anti-Bite PBH spray also radically puts an end to feather pecking in chickens and tail biting and fighting in pigs and piglets.

Also used to prevent eating - by rabbits, for example - on young plants.


Shake spray can well and spray on tail and mane, blankets, stable doors, etc....

*Dippel's Oil.
Dippel's oil (sometimes referred to as bone oil) is a nitrogenous by-product of the destructive distillation of bones. A dark, viscous, tar-like liquid with an unpleasant smell, it is named after its inventor, Johann Konrad Dippel. The oil consists of aliphatic chains, with nitrogen functional groups including pyrroles, pyridines and nitriles, as well as other nitrogenous compounds.

Dippel's oil had a number of uses, which are mostly obsolete. Its primary use was as an animal and insect repellent. 

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Anti-bite Dipple's Oil PBH spray 500ml.

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