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Vertargil Green Clay crude VETERINARY 360gr.

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Vertargil green clay veterinary is cleansing and a good natural remedy for purifying and repairing the skin in horses and dogs.

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Vertargil Green Clay VETERINARY 360gr.


Blood, Circulation, Mud fever (Veterinary), Tendon Blow (Veterinary), Ringworm (Veterinary), Tail Itch (Veterinary), Hoof Trim (Veterinary), Wound Treatment (Veterinary), Saddle Pressure (Veterinary)

Green clay is a living, intelligent substance whose functioning has never been simulated in a laboratory.
It cleanses, mineralizes, initiates all kinds of regenerative processes and harmonizes the total ecology of the body.
When used internally and externally, clay can promote health and support the healing processes in certain ailments and diseases.
In addition to natural, clay can also be used in allopathic medicine.
According to scientific research, loam could be the cradle of the higher life forms on earth.
This underlines the wonderful intensive effect of medicinal mud, clay powder or clay water.

Green clay from Vertargil is an active clay verified by university laboratories, which when exposed to sunlight deprives it of its strength and becomes very active, and only releases this strength as soon as it comes into contact with the human, animal or plant body.
This activation persists for years.
For internal use, one takes the purified superfine clay, which has been stripped of all sand and other impurities.
Green clay is a living substance, rich in minerals, traces and enzymes. In naturopathy, the clay or loam falls under the treatments with soil, in addition to which peat and mud are also known.
Loam was used in prehistoric times as a skin cleanser and for wound treatment.


It is mentioned in the ancient medical writings of eg Avicenna.
In our time, primitive peoples in Africa, America and Australia eat clay against diarrhoea, nausea or stomach pain.
Farmers traditionally treated the ailments of their pets and livestock with loam.
When a horse sprained a leg, they took clay, mixed it with water and vinegar and smeared it on the sore spot.
Often it was thanks to wild animals that people discovered the places with healing soil.
It had been observed that injured animals wallowed in the mud in special places and then quickly recovered.

Green clay contains many beneficial minerals such as alumina, aluminum, iron, silicon, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.
Residual traces of hydrogen, titanium, chlorine, phosphorus, carbon, manganese and sulfur have been found.
It is rich in enzymes that promote the absorption of minerals and vitamins.
The high content of silicic acid has a beneficial effect on, among other things, the connective tissue, hair and hooves.

Green clay is highly cleansing, rich in enzymes and contains many beneficial minerals. It appears to be an exceptionally good natural remedy for stimulating the healing of wounds and skin conditions.
In horses, it can be used, among other things, for tendon blows, mug, fungi and bruises.


This clay paste is ready to use.
Note: Not suitable for cats.

VERTARGIL, GREEN CLAY VETERINARY TUBE 360 grams from Chi International.

Montmorillonite, aqua, glycerin, polyglyceryl-4 caprate, glyceryl caprylate, lavandula angustifolia oil, melaleuca altermifolia oil, xanthan gum, linalool, limonene, geraniol, coumarin.
With organic tea tree and lavender oil.

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Vertargil Green Clay crude VETERINARY 360gr.

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