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NAF Rock Hard 250ml.

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Premium hoof hardener to protect and strengthen brittle hooves and soft soles. Cleans and cares the frogs.

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NAF ProFeet Rock Hard 250ml.


NAF are advocates of natural ingredients and so when looking for a hoof hardener we have formulated one that is natural and safe to use on all hooves. PROFEET Rock Hard is designed to be used on weak, brittle, cracked hooves and soft soles, as well as supporting poor frog tissue. It is safe to use on all hooves.

PROFEET Rock Hard will help you:
- Strengthen soft soles
- Disinfect frogs
- Protect weak, brittle and cracked hooves

NAF Rock Hard is a uniquely formulated hoof hardener that naturally protects brittle hooves, strengthens soft soles and disinfects the frog against virus and fungal attacks.
Contains zinc sulfate and MSM.
Zinc is important for the production of healthy horn, while MSM is rich in bio-absorbable sulphur, which is essential for the health and strength of 2 vital components of the hoof - the disulfide links and keratin.

NAF Rock Hard contains, among other things, zinc sulphate which cleans and protects the hoof. In addition, this product contains MSM Sulfur to make the hooves stronger, more elastic and harder. Suitable for the horny layer of both the bottom and the side of the hooves. Pro Feet Rock Hard strengthens and supports the resilience of soles.


For best results apply Rock Hard to the frog and sole using the brush provided. Paint around the lower half of the hoof, allowing the fluid to seep into nail holes and splits. Apply daily for 7 - 10 days and during periods of wet conditions. Thereafter apply once weekly.


A unique formulation that contains MSM and zinc sulphate to naturally strengthen the entire hoof capsule.

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NAF Rock Hard 250ml.

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