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FedVet Fly Impact

Fly-Impact from FedVet, long-acting fly spray - Up to 14 days active!

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FedVet Fly Impact

  • 500ml.
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FedVet Fly Impact

Fly-Impact from FedVet is a long-acting fly spray: up to 14 days of effectiveness!

This fly repellent for horses is easy and pleasant to use:
- the bottle is well in hand,
- its silent spray makes it easy to apply, even on delicate horses,
- it does not stain or stick,
- its fragrance is pleasant.

FedVet is a range of quality products made in France and intended for veterinarians.

Properties of Fly-Impact fly spray
Fly-Impact has an immediate and long-lasting repellent and insecticidal action on all types of insects: flies, mosquitoes, horseflies, ticks, flat flies, culicoides (responsible for sweet itch), lice and other external environmental parasites of the horse.
Its duration of action guarantees you and your horse several days of tranquility (at least 5 days)!

How to use the Fly-Impact recommended by FedVet
Shake the bottle before use.
- Spray the product on areas frequented by insects.
- Renew the application every 5 to 7 days for 2 weeks then every 2 weeks.


 FedVet Fly Impact 500ml.

€   17,95

 FedVet Fly Impact 1Ltr.

€   32,95

 FedVet Fly Impact 5Ltr.

€ 146,95

For information
The insecticidal action time is about 7 days.

Precautions for use of the Fly-Impact stipulated by FedVet
External use.
This fly repellent is non-doping.
Do not use on dogs and cats.
Fly-Impact belongs to the category of biocides. Use biocides carefully.
Before use, read the label and product information.
Keep out of reach of children.

Pyronyl butoxide (CAS No. 51-03-06): 1.65%
Cypermethrin (CAS No. 52315-07-08): 0.15%
Pyrethrin (CAS No. 8003-34-7): 0.20%
Permethrins (CAS No. 52645-53-1): 0.10%

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FedVet Fly Impact

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