4711 Ice Blue Dab-On 40ml.

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Ideal for migraines, headaches, stress, nausea and general cooling.

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4711 Ice Blue Dab-On

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4711 Ice Blue Dab-On 40ml. 

Ideal for migraines, headaches, stress, nausea, 4711 Ice Blue Depper gives
your head a strong cooling and numbing feeling, so that the headache is
experienced less intensely.

4711 Ice Depper is timelessly fresh - rely on a fragrance that gives you pure refreshment and well-being.

  • has a revitalizing and caring effect

  • ideal instant refreshment

  • Cool on the go

  • perfect for summer

ICE COOL Depper 4711 ICE already suggests it: the unique frost look of the bottle refers to the refreshing effect!
The crystal-clear, blue liquid is reminiscent of clear, cold ice water and glittering ice cubes.
The silver-cool design of colors and the fascinating shape of the label are a foretaste of the cooling contents of the bottle.

The 4711 Ice Blue Dab-On contains cooling menthol, which provides a particularly cooling effect, especially in hot weather. The handy size offers instant refreshment on the go. The pleasant freshness is accompanied by a citrus-floral scent: bergamot, violet and pineapple together with notes of privet form the invigorating top note. The heart note contains peppermint, which provides the incomparable menthol character, as well as lily of the valley, peach and plum. White musk, cedarwood and amber harmoniously round off the base of the fragrance.

The handy size of the 4711 Ice Blue Depper provides instant refreshment on the go - applied to the forehead, wrist or neck, for example, it cools quickly and in a targeted manner.


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4711 Ice Blue Dab-On 40ml.

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