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Panacur Petpaste 4.8gr.

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Deworming paste for dogs and cats.

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Panacur Petpaste

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Panacur Petpaste 4.8gr.

Panacur PetPaste is an oral broad-acting deworming paste for young and adult dogs and cats.

It kills hookworms, roundworms, whipworms and tapeworms such as the flea tapeworm and the fox tapeworm.

Panacur also contributes to the recovery of problems with Giardia in dogs.

Panacur PetPaste can be administered directly into the mouth after eating, by placing the injector on the tongue.
The paste can optionally also be mixed with the feed.

On the paste (4.8gr.) there are 18 adjustable units which are sufficient for 6 kg of body weight.

Adult cats: 3 units per 2 kg body weight, for 2 days.
For kittens, puppies and adult dogs: 1 unit per kg body weight, for 3 days.

1 gram of paste contains 187.5 mg of Fenbendazole.

Do not use in pregnant dogs until day 39.
Do not use in pregnant cats.



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Panacur Petpaste 4.8gr.

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