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Nobby Retrieving block.

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Nobby Retrieving block for correct teaching and holding of a retrieving system.

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Nobby Retrieving Block

  • 125gr.
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 Nobby Retrieving Block 125gr. 

€    5,95

 Nobby Retrieving Block 250gr. 

€    9,95

 Nobby Retrieving Block 400gr. 

€  12,95

 Nobby Retrieving Block 650gr. 

€  21,95

 Nobby Retrieving Block 1000gr. 

€  30,95

Nobby Retrieving Block

Retrieving is an exercise that is performed differently in different branches of dog sports.
However, the basis of this remains the same, the handler throws an object and the dog returns it to the handler.
In the IGP dog sport this is done with hard wooden blocks.
Strong retrieving block with flattened corners so that the retrieving block does not roll.

Made of real untreated hardwood so virtually indestructible.
The retrieving block is beautifully finished and has the perfect model for dog sports.

Suitable for obedience B-1-2-3 and G&G.

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Nobby Retrieving block.

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