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Adaptil Chews Anti Stress Tablet Dog.

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Adaptil Chew

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Adaptil Chews Anti Stress Tablet Dog.

A tasty chew snack for quick relaxation during (temporary) stressful situations.

  • Fast effect: after only 30 minutes

  • Tasty soft chew: dogs love it and eat it right out of hand

  • Natural ingredients: help your dog relax without making him sleepy

Adaptil Chew is a sedative, based on natural ingredients, without pheromones, that can be used to help dogs during stressful events and to help them relax. They are available per piece and in a jar of 30 pieces. They can be used for short-term stress relief.
Adaptil Chew has been proven to help quickly reduce the signs of anxiety.

The tablets can be used as a precaution against any short-term temporary challenging event that can cause predictable stress to the dog, such as:
House parties
To travel
Visit to the vet or groomer

The new Adaptil Chew for dogs can contribute to a temporary solution for fear of fireworks, thunderstorms and travel.

Dogs up to 15 kg: ½ chewy snack
Dogs between 16-30 kg: 1 chew
Dogs over 30 kg: 2 chews

The reassuring effect lasts an average of 4 hours, but can differ per dog and per situation
In very stressful situations, the number of ADAPTIL Chews can be doubled
Adaptil Chews can be combined with an Adaptil vaporizer, collar or spray.



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The tasty Adaptil tablets work quickly and provide temporary relaxation in stressful situations such as fireworks, travel or thunderstorms. Unlike the other Adaptil products, the Adaptil tablets do not work on the basis of pheromones. The tablets contain a combination of natural amino acids, GABA and vitamin B complex. Many scientific and clinical studies have proven the positive effect of the natural active ingredients on reducing anxiety.

The ADAPTIL Chew  is a supplementary animal feed with relaxing ingredients that use the power of nature. The chew contains natural ingredients such as L-tryptophan, vitamin B1, green tea extract & colostrum.

How does it work?

  • L-theanine (from green tea): Provides a calming effect, reduces stress and anxiety without being anesthetic, helps control phobias and anxiety. Improves learning ability. (Stimulates GABA release)

  • Thiamine (vitamin B1): Essential for the normal functioning of the brain and the development of brain cells. Helps the body deal with stress.

  • L-tryptophan: Positive effect on moods, anxiety and impulse control.

  • Colostrum: Bioactive molecules that have sedative properties through mutual interaction. Increases learning ability.

Adaptil tablets are a short term solution. For the longer term, there are the de Adaptil spray, the Adaptil collar, and the Adaptil vaporizer.

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Adaptil Chews Anti Stress Tablet Dog.

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