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Emax Pet Remedy Heating mat

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Emax Pet Remedy Heating Mat

The Pet Remedy heat mat ensures that (sick) animals have a comfortable place to lie down. This mat is constantly 30 to 35 °C, and contains 2 built-in thermostats, for extra safety.

The 2.7 meter long cord is extra safe, so that the animal cannot just bite through it. In addition, it is easy to disconnect in order to get it through the bars.

The Pet Remedy Heating Mat is an electrically heated mat that provides a wonderfully warm place for animals that need to recover from surgery, for example. The pleasant temperature of the Pet Remedy Heating Mat helps your pet to get and/or stay warm. The mat is also a solution for older animals with osteoarthritis or for animals that can no longer keep themselves warm. The Pet Remedy Heating Mat is suitable for all pets that need some extra warmth. The mat can be used for dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents and reptiles.

How do you use the heating mat?
You can place the mat in the basket or crate of your animal. You can easily detach the cord from the mat and lead it through the bars of the enclosure, for example. Please note that your pet cannot easily reach the cord. You can possibly put a rug over the mat, so that your animal is extra comfortable. The mat gives off constant heat and heats up to a temperature between 30 and 35°C. Thanks to the built-in thermostats, the heating mat is extra safe to use and the mat can remain switched on continuously. The cord of the mat is secured; your animal cannot just bite through this. The mat works with a 12 volt adapter. It only takes 15 watts to keep the mat running, so it is very economical to use!

Dimensions of the mat: 42 x 38 cm. Cord length: 2.7 meters

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Emax Pet Remedy Heating mat

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