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Nobby Comfortline Furstar

Item No.: 0750163

Nobby Comfortline Furstar removes a lot of loose hair and undercoat from the coat.

(Price excluding VAT) 14,83

Nobby Comfortline Furstar

  • S - 50mm
  • M - 76mm (+ €3,00)
  • L - 100mm (+ €8,00)
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 Nobby Comfortline Furstar S - 50mm 

€  17,95

 Nobby Comfortline Furstar M - 76mm

€  20,95

 Nobby Comfortline Furstar L - 100mm

€  25,95

Nobby Comfortline Furstar

This comb removes a lot of hair and undercoat from the coat. Suitable for any hair length.
With comfortable and ergonomic handle.

The "FURstar" of the "Comfortline" series, with its special head efficiently removes excess undercoat and loose hair without damaging the top coat. The "FURstar" is suitable for all dogs and cats, especially when changing coats. The plastic handle is safe and comfortable to hold and ensures comfortable brushing.

The brush is available in three sizes.

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Nobby Comfortline Furstar

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