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NAF D-Ty 1kg.

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D-Ty is a unique natural supplement with Vitamin E to support relaxed and healthy muscles. Rich in MSM, contains anti-oxidants and natural ingredients for a good drainage of lactic acid and the contribution to healthy and strong muscle tissue. The ingredients support the natural resistance to the damage that can be caused by lactic acid.

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NAF D-Ty 1kg.

For the nutritional support of healthy muscle tissue and function. D-Ty contains naturally sourced, scientifically verified antioxidants working in synergy with optimum levels of Vitamin E and zinc to ensure the requirements of peak muscle health are met.

For proper disposal of muscle waste and protection of healthy muscle tissue. Specially developed for horses that train fully and horses that are sensitive to muscle stress and other muscle symptoms.

NAF D-Ty is a nutritional supplement to support the muscle function and performance of your horse. The supplement contains several natural ingredients such as MSM and antioxidants. These ingredients contribute to the removal of lactic acid from the muscles. The product is very suitable for sport horses and horses that are very sensitive to muscle injuries.

D-Ty is a unique natural complex with Vitamin E to support relaxed, healthy muscles.

D-Ty is rich in MSM and contains antioxidants and a wide range of natural ingredients for good drainage of lactic acid and contributes to healthy, strong muscle tissue. D-Ty is very suitable for sport horses and horses that are sensitive to muscle symptoms. The ingredients support the natural resistance to the damage that lactic acid can cause.

If your horse suffers from stiffness after exercise, you can give D-Ty preventively, so that the lactic acid is quickly and properly removed. You then give it the days around a heavy training or competition. You can safely add  D-Ty to the food for a long time.

The cause of muscle cramps (tying up, Monday sickness) depends on many factors, but poisons in the blood, resulting from metabolic disturbances is one of the biggest causes.
Performance horses are often fed highly concentrated feed, are kept in stables and work hard, leading to many situations that endanger digestion and muscles.

Fit horses that get a day's rest, but do get their full amount of feed, can get muscle cramps and therefore no longer want to move.
An unbalanced feeding regime, adjusting feed to the work that the horse is doing, is also seen as a cause of muscle cramps.
Particularly important is sulphur, which is essential for muscle cells and tissue, and is often insufficiently present in the daily diet due to the feed production process.
Some horses remain prone to muscle cramps once they have had a seizure.
Natural predisposition is possible, but permanent damage to muscle cells from a previous attack can be a factor in recurrence.
D-TY includes organic sulfur (MSM) to promote muscle integrity, and yeast to maintain digestive balance.
The unique formula of D-TY ensures a good drainage of lactic acid and the maintenance of healthy, strong muscle tissue, it increases the natural resistance, and is a perfect addition to the daily diet of sport horses, but essential for those sensitive to muscle problems.


To assist in maintaining relaxed, healthy muscles. Feed to horses prone to muscle stress or where history dictates.
Horses & Ponies per day scoops per day
Loading rate (3-10 days) 33-55 3-5
Maintenance 22-33 2-3
Low maintenance 11 1

Omicha berries, Sunflower seed, Brewers' yeast, Methyl sulphonyl methane, Carrot (dried), Cramp bark, Black Cohosh, Rosehip shells, Ginger, Thorowax, Turmeric, Dandelion leaves, Rosemary, Milk thistle seeds, Mushroom (dried), Chlorella (dried), Ginkgo leaves, Angelica, Withania somnifera, Hawthorn berries, Skullcap, Tomato pulp, Rapeseed oil, Licorice, Red Sage, Apiculture by-product (bee pollen).
Additives (per kg)
Amino acids
dl-Methionine 3c301 5,730 mg
Trace Elements
Zinc sulphate, monohydrate E6 (1,740 mg) 609 mg Zinc
Niacinamide 3a315 8,620 mg
Vitamin A 3a672a 83,300 I.U.
Vitamin B2 93,30 mg
Vitamin D3 E671 25,000 I.U.
Vitamin E 3a700 12,600 I.U.
Digestibility Enhancer
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
NYCSc47 4b1702 2.93 x 1011 cfu
Analytical Constituents
Crude protein 14.8%
Crude oils and fats 16.6%
Crude ash 7.8%
Crude fibre 8.9%
Sodium <0.1%
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NAF D-Ty 1kg.

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