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3M Equisport™. Equine Support Bandage.

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3M Equisport™.  Equine Support Bandage.


Unparalleled support and protection for performance horses. Self adherent elastic wrap for high support. Intended as a racing support bandage for professional trainers.

  • Absorbs up to 90% more impact force than Vetrap tape without compromising range of motion.,

  • 4.5 times the elastic content of 3M Vetrap Bandaging Tape.,

  • University tested, race track proven., 4" x 5 yd/10cm x 4.50mtr., White.

The strongest-holding, most elastic, cohesive wrap on the market for performance horses; it absorbs up to 90% more impact force than 3M™ Vetrap™ tape without compromising the range of motion. 4.5 times more elastic than 3M™ Vetrap™ bandaging tape, Equisport™ safeguards legs from hypertension damage and delivers unparalleled support and protection for performance horses.

3M™ Equisport™ Equine Support Bandage was developed as a sport horse support bandage for soft tissue and bone injuries that require more support than is provided by standard elastic bandages.
This white bandage is intended for use as an elastic bandage for support or compression, or to hold liniments, clay or medical devices in place.

Specific recommendations for use are the following:
- Figure-eight support bandage
- Full limb or distal limb padded bandage
- Post-operative bandage
- Post-arthroscopic bandage
- Compress bandage
- Hoof bandage (horse or cattle)
- Wound bandage
- Rundown bandage: Equisport bandage provides extra protection and/or support to severe rundown in horses, horses prone to injury, or horses returning from injury.
It also helps to reduce ball joint hyperextension and protect against fatigue.

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3M Equisport™. Equine Support Bandage.

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