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NAF Hoof & Sole 1 ltr.

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Powerful zinc sulphate solution for the hooves. Makes soft soles and brittle hooves stronger and nourishes and protects the frog from adverse external influences.

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NAF Hoof & Sole 1 Ltr.

NAF Hoof & Sole is a topical application for cracked hooves and soft soles. Helps to harden, strengthen and disinfect the hoof.

An innovative hoof fluid with MSM!
HOOF & SOLE quickly absorbs deeply, cleans and makes the sole and beam more resistant to bacteria.
HOOF & SOLE creates a barrier between the hoof and fungi/bacteria found in pastures, stables and carriageways, and keeps the hooves at the right moisture level (12 to 15 %).
Can be used both on and under the hoof, and does not close the horn.

Hoof & Sole has a drying effect and makes the sole more resistant to moisture.

Many farriers use Hoof & Sole after trimming the hooves.


In case of problems, apply daily for 14 days, then every other day.
Apply twice a week as maintenance.

Wash and dry hooves thoroughly taking care to remove all traces of soil etc. Using a clean hoof oil brush or cloth liberally apply Hoof & Sole around the hoof, sole and frog allowing the liquid to seep into nail holes, cracks and between the hoof and shoe. Take great care not to paint onto skin or coronet band. Allow hoof to dry. Apply once a day for the first week, then reduce to every other day. After 3 weeks reduce application to twice a week or longer subject to progress of improvement. A difference should be noticed after approximately 4 weeks depending on the individual horse.


6% Zinc sulphate, wetting agent, colour.

Storage advice
Store closed in a dry place.
For external use only.

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NAF Hoof & Sole 1 ltr.

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