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Beaphar Birch Tar Oil 10ml.

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For chapped and tired skin.

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Birch Tar Oil

  • 10ml.
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Beaphar Birch Tar Oil 10ml.


Skin conditioning oil for tired or chapped skin, also used externally in the treatment of skin diseases, joint pain, muscle pain, and arthritis.
Rubbing the oil on the skin keeps insects away and prevents mosquito bites, can be mixed with essential oils of jasmine, sandalwood and rosemary for extra strong mosquito repellent.
For external use.

Origin of birch tar oil.
An oil obtained by the dry distillation of the wood of the white birch.
This decorative tree is native to the Northern Hemisphere and grows up to 15-20 meters in height.
It has slender branches, and a silver-white bark divided into scales and light green oval leaves.
Birch tops were once used in hair tonics.

In Scandinavia, young birch leaves and twigs are tied into bundles and used in the sauna to tone the skin and promote circulation.

BIRCH TAR OIL 10ml. from Beaphar.

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Beaphar Birch Tar Oil 10ml.

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